I created this website to assist me in my life’s work, which is guiding individuals to reach optimal levels of living. My mission is to inform and serve individuals who are curious and open to learn more about what it means to flourish and thrive in their lives. 

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“Piotr has been invaluable working with the team this past year. He managed to build rapport quickly with the athletes and was always ready to serve whoever needed a hand. Piotr’s work focused on incorporating mindfulness within our team culture. He organized group sessions once a week focusing on different aspects of performance and team … Continue reading University Head Coach

University Head Coach

“I  definitely found that the mindfulness exercises were very relaxing. I loved when Piotr came to talk to us before games and we got to do some visualization. It made me feel very calm and confident before games. I think it was also very beneficial that at the end of the season Piotr interviewed us all … Continue reading Collegiate Athlete

Collegiate Athlete

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Here at Driven to Inspire, Piotr would love to answer any questions you have that may be related to your performance, mental health, or overall well-being.