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Hi, I’m Piotr Piasecki. Over the past five years, I have found my intellectual home in the field of performance psychology. I’m a mental performance consultant, and currently working towards being a licensed mental health professional.

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Zones of Optimal Functioning

Hello Everyone, For the past two years, every time I have had a role as a mental performance consultant with a team or an individual, I seem to default to the analogy of the brain as hardware and the mind as software. I share this image with the people I work with for them to … Continue reading Zones of Optimal Functioning

Navigating the process

Performance psychology, open science, and my journey It’s a pleasure to have you visit, I want to briefly introduce you to the reasons why I decided to create a newsletter based on my musings about performance psychology. I have been fortunate enough to find a passion in my life that I can call a vocation. … Continue reading Navigating the process

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