“Driven to Inspire propels you to reach the highest caliber of your profession.”


Hi, my name is Piotr Piasecki and I am a mental performance consultant. I founded Driven to Inspire because I’ve dedicated my life’s work to guiding individuals to reach optimal levels of living. My mission is to serve people who are curious and open to do the work to reach the next level. The objectives that fuel my pursuit to assist individuals to become the best versions of themselves are: the understanding of the mind in high-pressure situations; the journey of personal mastery; the importance of mental health and wellness; and the significance of cohesion and building positive relationships.
In 2018 I completed a master of human kinetics specializing in sport and exercise psychology. This degree allowed me to conduct research, teach in a classroom, present at conferences, and integrate myself in environments with high level performers. Currently, I’m pursuing another masters degree, this time in counseling psychology. This will give me the necessary experience to gain a better understanding of an individual from a holistic perspective. Consequently, allowing me to provide better services to my clients. Therefore, I ask you to join me to exceed your potential.

Conquer your mind, conquer your opponent!