“The mind is the flow of information within the brain, known as mental activity.” – Dr. Rick Hanson.

The mental activity we have throughout the day influences our thoughts, feelings, actions, and our worldview. However, all these different paradigms we may hold and believe to be true shouldn’t be taken as ultimate truth. The reality our brain perceives and our mind interprets is just a small little piece to the puzzle of our lives.

Here at Driven to Inspire we assist our clients in opening up their understanding; opening up their mind to see what is under the many layers. Exposing them to realize that their consciousness, sensations, and thoughts can be altered with simple exercises to allow them to strengthen their attention on what really matters in their lives. Whether that be optimal performance, recovering from injury or traumatic experience, coping with transition, or possibly maintaining a steady amount of positive outcomes within their profession.

The mind is a muscle that is need of repetitions to be strengthened.