“My sporting behavior has changed immensely as a result of working with Piotr. Before consulting, I put a lot of pressure on myself to exceed expectations set by my teammates, coaches and myself, I was extremely hard on myself, and I set unrealistic short and long-term goals. This behavior also included negative self-talk, not focusing on the present moment and a poor mindset when I did not perform well. However, with the help of Piotr, I learned to accept my faults and mistakes and to move past those low points with positivity and motivation to improve. To continue, Piotr was open, non-judgmental, and provided positive and helpful feedback. This helped build a trust making it easier to talk to him about my perspective and feelings. Also, his use of mindfulness sessions helped me focus on visualization, living in the present moment and achieving a positive mindset, all of which benefited my mental health and behavior.”

― Collegiate Athlete