“Before Piotr, I was always skeptical about mental performance consultants, wondering if they were useful or if it would be a complete waste of time, but with Piotr, I found our sessions to be extremely helpful. After the 2016 Olympic Games, I had no clue what to do with my swimming career. I stumbled upon Piotr at the 2016 World Championship Games a few months later, while I was still figuring out if I should continue swimming or call it quits. Lucky for me, Piotr did not only help me find my way with making a choice about swimming, but he has led me down a path to come to peace with parting with a sport that I have been involved with all my life. His patience and understanding are admirable, and his ability to adapt to different athletes needs (no matter the sport) is commendable. I thoroughly enjoyed every one of my sessions with Piotr, from the questionnaires, relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercises and more. I always felt like I was getting something out of the time spent with him.”

― Olympian