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I have had the privilege of working with a wonderful amount of athletes thus far:

“Before Piotr, I was always skeptical about mental performance consultants, wondering if they were useful or if it would be a complete waste of time, but with Piotr, I found our sessions to be extremely helpful. After the 2016 Olympic Games, I had no clue what to do with my swimming career. I stumbled upon Piotr at the 2016 World Championship Games a few months later, while I was still figuring out if I should continue swimming or call it quits. Lucky for me, Piotr did not only help me find my way with making a choice about swimming, but he has led me down a path to come to peace with parting with a sport that I have been involved with all my life. His patience and understanding are admirable, and his ability to adapt to different athletes needs (no matter the sport) is commendable. I thoroughly enjoyed every one of my sessions with Piotr, from the questionnaires, relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercises and more. I always felt like I was getting something out of the time spent with him.” – Olympian

“Piotr has been invaluable working with the team this past year. He managed to build rapport quickly with the athletes and was always ready to serve whoever needed a hand. Piotr’s work focused on incorporating mindfulness within our team culture. He organized group sessions once a week focusing on different aspects of performance and team cohesion. On game days, the coaching staff would allocate 10 to 15 minutes for Piotr to talk to the athletes and guide them through some relaxation techniques before their performance. This helped us enormously, the athletes seemed like their attention was solely on the task at hand and not wandering or ruminating about anything else. The worked he did was extremely beneficial and we were able to see the changes and shift of cohesion happening within the team. I wholeheartedly believe that the work Piotr did not only help us last year but built the foundation for a high performing team moving forward.” – University Head Coach

“I  definitely found that the mindfulness exercises were very relaxing. I loved when Piotr came to talk to us before games and we got to do some visualization. It made me feel very calm and confident before games. I think it was also very beneficial that at the end of the season Piotr interviewed us all individually to get down to the root problems that didn’t allow us to be successful this past season. Already in this offseason, we have identified which problems need to be fixed and I think our team culture has already improved greatly.

Piotr was so helpful and dedicated to our team this year. He brought a positive attitude and really went out of his way to share new things with us that he thought would benefit the team. In this offseason, he has helped us explore the values that contribute to a good team culture and how to use these values to improve on our season from last year.”

Collegiate Athlete

“The consultations assisted with the attainment of positive self-talk and how to handle stress and anxiety. Overall, the mental performance consultations helped improve my mental health. Additionally, not only was it beneficial for the individuals who participated but it was extremely advantageous for the team as it aided with the atmosphere of the team. The service Piotr provided helped with the development of trust, increased team cohesion, and encouraged a positive environment within the team. These aspects assisted our relationships off the field which then translated on the field. – Collegiate Athlete

“My sporting behavior has changed immensely as a result of working with Piotr. Before consulting, I put a lot of pressure on myself to exceed expectations set by my teammates, coaches and myself, I was extremely hard on myself, and I set unrealistic short and long-term goals. This behavior also included negative self-talk, not focusing on the present moment and a poor mindset when I did not perform well. However, with the help of Piotr, I learned to accept my faults and mistakes and to move past those low points with positivity and motivation to improve. To continue, Piotr was open, non-judgmental, and provided positive and helpful feedback. This helped build a trust making it easier to talk to him about my perspective and feelings. Also, his use of mindfulness sessions helped me focus on visualization, living in the present moment and achieving a positive mindset, all of which benefited my mental health and behavior.” – Collegiate Athlete

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